Swissphone BOSS 900

8 RICs with 4 sub addresses each
3 lines with 16 characters per line, font size 5 mm
Pager supports Express-Alarm®

332,01 €
Manufacturer: Swissphone

The DE900 pager was specially developed to meet our clients’ needs. Thanks to the high-contrast display, enormous standby time, its ideal size and sturdy construction, the DE900 is the optimal alarming device for any safety organisation.

Easy-to-use 3-button operation combined with intuitive menu navigation ensures safe and effective operation, which is especially important in alarm situations. Alertscan be signalled by audible tone or vibration alert– your option. Priority alert calls are always signalled by audible tone regardless of the user setting.

The newly developed ECO mode of the pager enables trouble-free operating periods excessing 4 months. In idle state, the pager is set in a sleep mode and the display is switched off. Of course, the pager remains active and ready to receive alert signals. During ECO mode,  the pager’s reception sensitivity is enhanced and this useful feature further increases the contactibility of the user.

Technical Specifications

Frequency bands VHF 4-m-band 81-88MHz, 81-88 MHz
VHF 2-m-band 138-174 MHz
UHF 70-cm band 400-420 MHz,
430-470 MHz
Channel spacing 12.5, 20/25 kHz
Sensitivity 3.0 μV/m @ baudrate 512 bit/s
3.5 μV/m @ baudrate 1200 bit/s
4.0 μV/m @ baudrate 2400 bit/s
Frequency processing Quartz (1 channel)
Compliance ETSI EN 300 390, TR-BOS DME II 15/03
Norms EN 60068-2-27 (shock)
EN 60068-2-6 (vibration)
EN 60068-2-32 (drop test)
EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000 (IP52)
Addresses 8 cap codes, each with 4 sub addresses
(32 sub addresses), frame independent
Display - 3 lines, 16 characters per line
- 5 mm font size
Alerting - Volume > 85 dB(A), @ 30 cm distance
- Vibration
Messages - 15 messages of up to 240 characters stored
with address, time and date
- 32 pre-programmed messages of up to 32 characters
Battery Type AA battery, standard operating time left (regular/ECO mode):
- Dry cell (1.5 V) 2000/3000 h
- NiMH rechargeable batterry (1.2 V/2500 mAh) 1300/1700 h
Temperature range -20° C to +55° C
Dimensions 79 x 53 x 24 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 98 g (incl. battery)
Supports - Express-Alarm®

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