New code plug for Motorola BMD available

An interesting study project has been completed:

Our code plug can not be more than the previous one, but runs much more interference-proof.
He does not imitate the original code plug, but works on the same principle
like the original one. Nevertheless, it is reprogrammable.

The most important two features:
-> No timing problems (so no wrong evaluations, or missed evaluations)
-> No interference of the own receiver with sufficient reception field strength

Properties could be achieved through the careful selection of current components. As a result, a contemporary code plug was developed
The BMD code plug comes out with only 4 components, which is noticeable even by the very clearly held board.

ZVEI and CCIR tone series can be programmed.

After the field trials with various fire brigades and rescue services, he is now available from us.
Here you will find the code plug in the shop.